The Rant

Why not move the Moccasin Bend mental health facility to the McDonald Farm in Sale Creek? It would be a good use of that beautiful land.

Very troubling that the Tennessee legislature wants to limit public attendance in its special session. They don't want to hear from us. We hired you.

Are you a "deplorable"? What about "listless vessel"? Inquiring lefties want to know.

Whither democracy? First Republican debates of our 2024 presidential election inaccessible to citizens who have not subscribed to Fox News or mastered techno-wizardry. Sad.

Tennessee legislators introduced 114 bills for a four-day session to stifle any discussion about gun safety, and it worked.

Food for thought: "Any book worth banning is a book worth reading" — Isaac Asimov. How many banned books have you actually read?

What is a patient to do when told to call about a non-emergent, post-procedure medical/surgical problem and calls are never returned?

Candidate Tim Scott, moving the Energy Department to Tennessee just means that the "bureaucracy" has a new address.

Ten states lower child labor laws because of worker shortages when there are thousands of immigrants who want to work but are denied. Make sense?

Can't choose to get an abortion if you need one, or an abortion pill if you need one. Time to restrict or outlaw Viagra, too.

Drivers, both sexes, all ages, in-town and on freeways, going more than 10 mph above speed limit have become a dangerous epidemic. Slow down. Live and let live.

Who would ever guess we'd need diagnosis codes for climate change obsessions and presidential hatred? Treatment would be to get the facts. Get a life.

MTG's North-Georgia-esque fantasy: be convict-Trump's running mate. Don't sell yourself short, girl. King Charles might appoint you queen of England.

"Rigged" ... "witch-hunt" ... "deranged" ... Habitual liar has caused death, destruction, lives ruined, has no respect for the office of president or rule of law. Enough!

High mortgage rates, high inflation, lower net wages, unstable stock market, high bond rates, energy restrictions, high gas prices, huge debt. That's Bidenomics. Pitiful. Unsustainable.

Let's go, RICO.

Does anyone else think that Trump's mug shot makes him look like a devil? I guess that's the whole point. Sad.

Dan Quayle was crucified by the media for misspelling the word potato, while Joe Biden is a gaffe-making machine but gets a free pass.

Russia's lunar mission crashed on the moon surface just like its war in Ukraine is crashing.

One certainly can't trust Trump's word for his height, weight or hair color.

It sounds like Hunter needs to get Hillary to show him how to make e-mails disappear.

How do tax breaks for the rich make America great again? What would be great: Trump paying as much in taxes as I do!