The Rant

You won't ban assault weapons but will ban books for kids who have to deal with the aftereffects of mass shootings. Which one's worse?

Tennessee Republicans pass a rule that bars signs, orders troopers to take the mother of a Covenant victim out of committee meeting. This is arrogance that comes with a supermajority that has lost its way. Shameful.

If you don't like what's going in the Tennessee legislature, remember, you have agency. You can do something. Don't wait for others. Get off your duff.

Reading about the special session in Nashville made me sick. GOP stranglehold is starting to feel threatening.

Yes, let legislators decide medical procedures rather than doctors. What's next? Garbage collectors deciding restaurant report card scores?

Tennessee legislator's proposal to restrict autopsy photos is meant to help gunmakers so we can't see how an AR-15 tears a child apart.

Appalachian bistro opening at Choo Choo! French culinary style? Yes! Timeless elegance? Yes! Casual sophistication? Yes! Playful cocktails? Yes! Entrance, connection to Station Street? Yikes!

Next election, vote against Coty Wamp until she's not a threat anymore.

The man killed by police at a gas station was (illegally) armed, people. He pointed and fired his weapon at a cop. Bad move.

Apparently the left side of the paper and some in the community feel the police shouldn't be allowed to return fire when fired on.

People are responsible for their actions, but single-shot weapons and tiny forks and plates would minimize mass shootings and obesity.

Clay Bennett, instead of complaining about it, what is your solution to gun control?

I'd like to thank the right/conservative side of the Aug. 19 TFP for its editorial warning readers about Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore. Thank you!

Ohio, Kansas, etc., shows women want to have dominion over their own bodies. Only patriarchies, like Tennessee, won't allow referendums allowing citizens a voice.

Put Blue Light owner Bryan Joyce in his place. He is beginning to whine like the former president. Witch hunt!

County's wisely seeking grants to improve roadways. If being Sequoyah Nuclear Plant evacuation route is the basis, then maybe double check nuclear plant safety, too!

Since when is enforcing the law racist? Racism is the deflection for accountability. I'm not buying it anymore. Legal consequences deter criminal activity. It's proven.

How does ignoring the history of Black Americans qualify as education? Blatant racism in school curriculum is dangerous.

Anybody see Al Sharpton or Benjamin Crump show up after that mob burglarized the Nordstrom store in Los Angeles?

Does anyone, regardless of party, honest believe that any administration, regardless of party, doesn't weaponize federal agencies? History shows otherwise.

Because he has already established precedent in similar cases, if Mickey Mouse were charged with a crime, Merrick Garland would appoint Goofy as special counsel.

Embellishing. Exaggerating. Stretching the truth. Flubbing. Or downright lying. You decide. Fact check them all.

Trump promises to create economic chaos with tariffs and weaponize the DOJ to prosecute his enemies. And he's under four indictments. Y'all picked a winner.