The Rant

Desantis motorcade crashed in Chattanooga on the way to a fundraiser because _______. (Here's where everyone gets to fill in blank because there are too many possible responses.)

You looked at 40 sites and couldn't find a single one to move Moccasin Bend hospital? What failures you are not to preserve our park.

Andre James continues elevating TFP content. You are writing about food and Chattanooga's DNA. You are a food guru, anthropologist and darn good writer.

On TFP comics: "Bleachers" is a little bit corny, but at least humorous. "WuMo" is weird and not funny. Bring back "Non-Sequitur." Move "Mallard Fillmore" to the Free Press opinion page.

Are Jason Aldean and his right-wing MAGA influencer wife trying to highlight the bigotry and racism in small-town life? Good job!

I've been a fan of Bennett's editorial cartoons for years. However, Tuesday's 7/25 on Alden's song is so wrong and disgusting. No longer a fan.

"Tucked Away" TFP headline about legislative strategy for keeping and downsizing Moccasin Bend Hospital is ironic, considering state delegation's aversion to drag shows.

Thank you, whistleblower. The pimple popped on one unlawful medical practice. Shame on you.

I am glad I live in violence-free small town.

Hey, Mayor Kelly, how about paving Holtzclaw Avenue? It is the worst in the city. Tearing up my vehicle every time I drive it. Please.

Why would our sheriff work to recertify former Deputy Daniel Wilkey?

Just saw the list of Hamilton County government salaries, including Weston Wamp's army of six-figure advisers, deputy mayors and other yes-people. Taxpayers are robbed.

The EV chargers at Northgate Mall have had broken connectors for months despite multiple emails to ChargePoint. Need more chargers in the city.

Why, in 2023, is the "smart grid" still using 19th-century technology to deliver power? Get lines off poles and in the ground.

How many homes could we power if we harnessed all the hot air coming out of politicians' mouths?

Seriously? The best place for a comprehensive mental health facility is ... Moccasin Bend, where we are supposed to have a national park?

Can anyone explain the need for 10 and ½ feet-wide "pathways" on Ringgold Road? So wide, in fact, that they have had to post "No Motor Vehicles" signs to keep cars from driving on them.

McKees need to pay for maintaining their Little Debbie Park -- not the Collegedale residents with tax increases in having to maintain it.

If the DOJ, FBI and Secret Service all played the board game "Clue," nobody would ever win.

DeSantis's Florida education board has decided to define slavery as more of a beneficial vocational training opportunity. This is not education.

Florida seems to have an abundance of both the foreign and home-grown: mosquitoes, Burmese pythons, African snails, Trump, Desantis.

The Dems need to run someone other than Biden. I like what Ron Hart said, "This entire presidency is like being tied to a chair and watching a toddler play with a loaded pistol."

Now Donald is calling Democrats "Slimeballs." How could we pass up re-electing such an eloquent and mature leader?

RFK Jr. is dangerous and an embarrassment to health-conscious citizens. Go sit down, son, your 15 minutes are up.