The Rant

Hey, Chattanooga Airport people, as you contemplate more direct flights, I'd rather fly to Colorado than grubby ole Texas.

Automated license plate readers are useful tool for law-enforcement. Drivers who obscure license plates with tinted covers should be ticketed and the covers confiscated.

Somebody please fix the pavement at the railroad crossing in the 4300 block of Rossville Boulevard. It's enough to jar your dentures out of your head or destroy your front-end suspension.

Walden is growing. There's no reason it shouldn't be allowed a commercial center.

I love it when workers strike. This country is top-heavy with money.

Who wants to bet the elected school board will man up and vote to close schools? Talked about this for years. Hard but necessary vote.

A new creature has been added to the Endangered Species List -- the honest politician.

Reverse course. We are now going to build a Southern wall. Imagine that. Crow is served.

Trump actually called Nikki Haley a "birdbrain." That woman can think rings around that "peabrain!"

Rep. Tim Burchett declares Speaker McCarthy was mocking him, yet Burchett is demanding investigations about UFOs and extraterrestrials. Who's the comedian and who's the straight man?

Thank you, Kevin McCarthy, for doing what was right. Sorry you were punished for it, but that is the Republican way.

Government just spent $600 million for home COVID tests. What for? Can only be the precursor for more last-minute election procedure exceptions. Just watch.

Ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy is out because the right wing of his party cannot act like adults. Somewhere, John Boehner is smiling and enjoying the fiasco.

The stopgap funding bill only gives you 45 days to get it right, Congress, so get busy.

Auctioneer versus carnival barker. North Georgia politician defending Trump's claim of winning presidential election shows that difference between auctioneer and carnival barker is zero.

I'm quite sure that I would not publicly insult the judge who holds my future in his hands. Only Donald Trump is that stupid.

For DT from my Heartwarmers calendar: "The best rule of thumb for character is to remember that if you can't be big, don't belittle."

There should be "a Million Man March" on Washington, D.C., to protest Congress inaction on running the country.

Just finished "Enough" by Cassidy Hutchinson. It's good to see there are honest, God-fearing Republicans. I fear most Republican writers to the Rant lack moral consciences.

China doesn't have government shutdowns. It also dosen't hold up naming admirals and generals.

Chief terrorist threatens top general by name. How long will GOP condone and support this action by known traitor who routed sitting Congress?

It is past time to set term limits for all federal elected positions to age 70 or 75. We currently have a number of officeholders who are obviously beyond their prime.

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