The Rant

Just moved back to town after six years. Stunned about the demise of North Shore and downtown. COVID really hurt things. No people anywhere.

Where is the downtown BID program? Are they functioning? If not, why not?

Both Chattanooga and Hamilton County need new and better leadership at the top.

Your church spends thousands on TV ads instead of feeding the hungry in the neighborhood. Does it matter to you?

Will Mayor Tim Kelly's plans to combat violence downtown become like his plans for the homeless and just fail to become a reality?

Since former Mayor Andy Berke said he ended veteran homelessness in 2017, wondering why we need a homeless veterans campus in Chattanooga.

Why do we have people elected to Congress who know very little world history? Yet they get big publicity for their incredibly uninformed statements.

When you bring your children out to eat, the rest of us don't want to hear cartoons they play instead of teaching them to converse.

Couldn't understand most of the play "Blithe Spirit" at UTC on Saturday because they were trying to do it in a British accent (sets were fantastic).

Bicyclists, please stay in the bike lanes for your safety and mine. And if you are on the Riverwalk, can you alert pedestrians please? Manners.

Can "the fat lady" please sing? Republicans need to move on.

"What if they gave a war, and nobody came?" It was a poster I had in my room in 1968. Hot in the Vietnam war. What's changed? Administrations.

It is wrong for Israel to cut off all food and water supplies to Gaza, inhumane in fact.

Chief terrorist makes violent threats acceptable in politics. Gov. Romney, frequent critic, forced to spend thousands each day for security. Sad.

Joe, you cannot pay off your enemies and expect good behavior. Look at history. Evil has to be addressed with force, not handshakes, fist bumps.

Israel let its guard down and was savagely attacked. We need to keep our guard up or suffer a similar attack from the inside.

Where's Kamala explaining her results from immigration root causes two years ago? Haven't heard a peep.

Our democracy is broken. Politicians care more about scoring political points than serving our country. Need to vote them all out and start over.

Donald Trump hasn't a single iota of honor, decency or truthfulness, yet he is worshipped like a craven God! Turn away before our country is in ruins!

I'm OK with getting rid of AM radio. It's full of vitriol and hate-mongering. Bad for America.

Before you vote for Trump again, be sure you really like him because this time you'll never get rid of him. We'll have a dictatorship.

Fauci critics, how about if surgeons and nurses don't wear masks during your surgeries since masks, according to you, don't prevent the spread of germs?

If you can't afford the lawyers for the trial, don't do the crime.

Republican legislators' favorite game is shutting down, or brinkmanship of shutting down, the government and blaming it on the Democrats. Guess who suffers? All of us!

Impeaching Biden won't erase the four trials Trump is facing.

Looking at the top 10 states with highest obesity rates, which are all red by the way, I'd say Trumpism must be fattening.

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