The Rant

The greenest building is the one that's already built. Put the new mental health facility now on Moccasin Bend in the TVA buildings.

TFP, you nailed it! Yes, Biden is "old," Trump is "corrupt," and we the people are in big trouble.

The popular belief that most of the zoning regulators and other politicians are owned by developers and builders may be gaining credibility, especially in Ooltewah.

Tennessee House Republicans shouldn't be afraid of a few signs in the gallery.

Sure was hoping Wamp would not start playing that sleazy Trump game ... too late, just happened in Red Bank.

Weston, Red Bank is a problem for Republicans. You maligned a city when you should have maligned your own party.

Apparently the county mayor doesn't realize he has the right to remain silent; he certainly doesn't have the ability.

The county mayor misstepped. Could cost him in next election, but let's see what he accomplishes over the next three years. I am still betting on him.

Mayor Wamp: Picking on Red Bank, calling it a disaster, is not a path to get re-elected.

Please consolidate the smaller elementary schools and update old technology for tomorrow's leaders and in so doing prepare them for the future.

The purpose of education is to replace a narrow mind with an open mind. If you don't want this for your children, homeschool them.

Read the Hamilton County Department of Education's job descriptions, and you'll understand why we spend so much and get so little.

Northwest Georgia is known to the world for two things: the Tri-State Crematory scandal and Marjorie Taylor Greene. OMG. I live there.

Hypocrisy in action is Republican politicians showing up at ribbon-cuttings for projects paid for with federal money they voted against.

I must have terrible karma. My governmental representatives are Colton Moore and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Geez.

Just a heads up, Donald: Visitation in Georgia prisons is on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (from a former guard.)

I am 29, a sought-after swim suit model. That's as truthful as mentally unstable Trump saying he is 6-foot-3, 215 pounds.

If you think America's political infights are out of control and divisive, at least we don't eliminate opponents like Putin does.

Get ready for more ramped-up COVID controls so mail-in ballots for all and drop boxes everywhere will be justified, plus last-minute law exceptions.

Who knew that all you had to do to raise political money was to get indicted; 7.1 million from a mug shot. Barnum was right!

When Trump's days on earth conclude, transition to afterlife will invoke, one last time, the late, great Bob Barker's glorious invitation to "come on down!"

Typical Trump. He posted "NEVER SURRENDER" to accompany his mug shot, taken when he had just surrendered.

Sometimes I wish I was a Democrat. Life is much simpler. Everything bad is because of Trump, racism or climate change. And Whoopi Goldberg decides.

Remember "United we stand, divided we fall"? Still true. We need to be united in what's best for the common good, not just for ourselves.

Every elected public official vows to protect and defend the United States. Wouldn't it be something if they actually did their job? Fulfilled their vow?