The Rant

Hipsterectomy — The action taken by first responders and other responsible adults to rescue outdoor music festival hipsters from severe weather and dangerous flooding.

To all the health-conscious folks out there who are leaving their used gloves in shopping carts and parking lots: Stop it!

Imagine life without political parties. The relationships, money, time and humanity we could save. Think about it.

TFP, add other religious commentators beside conservative evangelicals. As a practicing Christian, they are wearing me out; I disagree with every assertion they make.

Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. And people with assault weapons kill the most people. Just sayin'.

Can any well-connected TFP readers confirm the rumors that the cities of New York and Chicago are running out of yellow crime-scene tape?

Mike Huckabee said if Trump loses, then the next election will be decided by bullets. Why do Republicans always bring up violence when talking about 2024?

U.S. is headed to a one-party system. Trump tried to expose the Deep State, and it is using him to eliminate the Republican Party.

If Mayor Tim Kelly is hearing speculation as to whether he is dedicated to the work, he may need to get out a little more.

Forget the old "Can this marriage be saved?" feature in old Ladies Home Journal magazines. How about "Can this mall be saved?" Thinking Northgate Mall.

TFP photographer Robin Rudd continues to delight us with his outstanding pictures of birds. Keep up the good work!

The Democrats' split in the Hamilton County Commission chairman vote this week may be worth following over the next year.

I appreciate another literacy summit as much as anyone, but geez, who is going to read to children at night? On weekends? The federal government? State government? The mayors?

Gas too high? Food too expensive? Relax. Call China, have a million bucks deposited in your account. Embrace Bidenomics.

Hey, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, our national anthem is a poem.

Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore is typical MAGA. Don't need any evidence of wrongdoing against Fani Willis, just Marjorie Taylor Greene-style, crazy conspiracy theories.

Dems have major problem with Biden's age and cackling Kamala Harris' word-salad nonsense.

Tooth-to-tattoo ratio was one-to-one at recent North Georgia 200-person rally hosted by Trump-worshiping state senator.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville risks national security every day for the last nine months by rejecting military appointments.

AOC tells the unchurched youth the world is ending. Bible prophecy states Jesus will return and "rule the world from his rightful throne in Jerusalem."

It's time for Joe Biden to say, "America is now closed."

If our government agencies were "out to get" Trump, he would have been in jail long ago — without a chance for a fair trial.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis is prosecuting two high-profile cases — notorious rapper "Young Thug" and notorious former president "Old Thug."

Liberals are pushing a woke agenda, but sensible voters know what woke is: worst opinions known everywhere.

Go on, right-wingers. Impeach President Biden. Shine a bright light on the current state of Republican irresponsible, dishonest idiocy.

Isn't it ironic that the top presidential candidate of the "law and order" party has four criminal indictments? What does that say about us?

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