The Rant

Donated blood supply depleted by fleeing shoplifter and passenger hospitalized after causing six-car crash on I-75. Violent criminals, store your own blood. Plan ahead.

"Save Chattanooga" group will do just the opposite, destroying the Climate Action Plan, therefore erasing monumental progress we've made for a clean environment and racial harmony.

Where is all of the property tax money from new residential development going? Apparently not roads and schools.

Did Hamilton County get "Wamped" when it voted two Wamps into office?

As long as North Georgia voters re-elect insurrectionists like Crazy Marjorie and Colton Moore, I will refuse to spend money there. Not one dime.

I'm so impressed with Gov. Kemp from Georgia. He spoke the truth about the election in Georgia, saying the 2020 election was not stolen. He is a Republican who knows the truth.

It is my experience that those companies which by their actions deserve to have a union usually get one.

If the purpose of public education is to advance liberal education, I would rather send my children and money to private schools or homeschool them.

Weston, stay in your lane. Red Bank residents are doing fine without your input thanks to Berry, Dalton and commission. A model for other municipalities.

All Pastor Bo could have done to keep from looking like a false prophet is quote a verse from the Bible forbidding abortion. He didn't.

As usual, the TFP prints the most despicable drawings that try to pass as cartoons on its Times editorial page (see Monday, Sept. 4). I guess it is OK to use swastikas to try and falsely portray us.

If Alabama lawmakers can ignore a Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering, can women ignore the court's overturning of Roe v. Wade? Seems fair.

New hipster word: "Derek." A male Karen who complains on TV about Burning Man festival being rained out and being stranded in littered, muddy desert.

I tried to give Weston the benefit of the doubt until his meritless, unprovoked trash-talking of other elected leaders. He's a troll in a suit.

Why not be homeless around here? Shelter anywhere. Food trucks come everyday. Free cellphones. Free health care. Frees up your spending money for drugs, alcohol.

Weston, your chances of winning your next election with Democrats are slim to none, and Slim just left town.

Electric cars end family auto trips across America. So-called "rapid charge" on the road is 30 minutes, not counting time spent in line.

Immigration chaos could be solved with giant UN-style refugee camp on Southern border for all migrants.

Our divided, broken country is infected with a deadly disease. Hopefully, Jack Smith or Fani Willis can eliminate it.

Joe Biden's favorite country song: "(Unwed) mamas, don't let your babies group up to be my grandchildren."

Trump is a PINO, Patriot In Name Only. Attacks democracy and integrity of national election; truly enemy of the people.

Russia collusion. Not. Laptop disinformation. Not. Afghanistan success. Not. No personal China money. Not. No business discussion with son. Not. Top of law class. Not.

If MAGA-droids don't believe in elections, why do they participate? Why don't they leave the voting to people who will abide by the outcome?

Where are the news anchors who speak truth, not opinion? A David Brinkley, Chet Huntley or Walter Cronkite? Unfortunately, "that's the way it is."

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