The Rant

Embarrassing that we had to ask for the public's help to find a downed $100 million military jet. No beacon?

How you dress reveals your respect for yourself, others and the job. Period. No matter what liberals say.

TFP reporting on local CPA, accounting, coaching, energy — and whatever else; firm's payroll troubles are a reminder that employees should be educated to identify Shinola.

Memo to Trump lawyers: If you don't know who the fall guy is, you're the fall guy.

TFP readers should educate themselves and keep in mind that there are many procedural and substantive differences between a grand jury and a trial jury.

Developers don't see a "a brighter future for Chattanooga." More like show me the money. Hamilton should negotiate the cost. Including changes to infrastructure.

Restore Mocccasin Bend to pre-European contact. It is a national park, by the way. Let's push to have a unique park of reflection.

Auto companies, call the union's bluff. Fill those jobs with unemployed. Train them. We can wait. Only talking 150,000 people. Tired of union bullies.

Mind-bending Northwest Georgia irony. Adults using "Teen Maze" to teach youngsters to avoid "disastrous dead ends" while same adults elect confederacy of dunces to Congress.

Want to solve the problems at Silverdale? Call it a nonprofit correctional campus. Oh, and hire a high six-figure consultant from either coast.

Talk about cognitive decline as Trump just declared he is ahead of Barack Obama in the polls.

How long before Biden preposterously claims he and his dog Commander are really the ones who apprehended the Pennsylvania prison escapee?

Psalm 139:13-16 is self-verifying. The pronouns are "I and me," not "we or us," and abortion is not forbidden.

Attack on Congress was a dastardly deed by traitors convinced they were patriots by an egomaniac who led them. Truth can set you free.

The president, vice president and DHS secretary insist our border is closed. I can't imagine what it would look like if it were open.

When will it be time for the Secret Service to become the orange man's jailers? When he thumbs his nose at criminal justice system, that's when. And they will have the tools to control him.

For the love of God, please do not vote for the devil Trump to become president. His wrath of revenge and power are ripping us apart.

Now third graders in Alabama are facing being held back if they don't pass end-of-year tests. Why aren't teachers teaching?

Republican legislators' favorite game is shutting down, or brinksmanship of shutting down, the government and blaming it on the Democrats. Guess who suffers? All of us!

Donald Trump can speak all he wants under oath at his trials, where instead of exercising his First Amendment rights he'll probably plead the fifth.

Look at Grassley at 90 years old vs. Joe at 80. It's not just age. It's cognition, agility and awareness that are missing in ole Joe.

It used to be "where have all the flowers gone?" Now it's "where have all the sane people gone?" When will they ever learn?

Prejudice cannot be sustained when subjects and objects thought to be deplorable are close. They are people. That's why promoters of hate advocate isolation — so that we would not know better.

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