‘Freedom of press’ a privilege we enjoy and more letters to the editors

'Freedom of press' a privilege we enjoy

An ancient lawyer who has no experience in journalism should be the last individual to suggest how to encourage the citizens of Chattanooga and Hamilton County to subscribe to the brainchild of Adolph Ochs as a new reader or continue to pay the increased monthly proposed cost by those who enjoy scanning either the Sunday print edition or the daily digital copy.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution involving "free speech" and "freedom of the press" are two of the privileges that we as Americans have/take for granted but do not appreciate to the extent of what we have.

The printed opinions of readers and The Rant should be expanded to five to seven days to give the "purchasing public" the opportunity to present their interpretation as to what taxpayers are entitled to hear in addition to biased views on talk shows on cable television as well as the rosy promotion of ad agencies in the media.

Under the First Amendment we are still free to critique the loonies on the left and right side of the TFP (pages B6-7).

There is enough need in Hamilton County for both the printed, digital and website sources of free and paid news to justify the existence of all to protect the First Amendment.

Jerry Summers

Raised cross-walks idea has been ignored

I just read the commentary by Jon Jon Wesolowski (TFP, page B6 on March 6) about Frazier Avenue and its redesign. I hope there was a stuck zero key when he wrote it. Otherwise I have to wonder what [he was thinking].

To say that "potential capacity of 7,000 people an hour brought in by a two-way bike lane" about any proposal for Frazier Avenue speaks of temporary insanity or widely exaggerated ideas. Sounds like that could have come right out of Donald Trump's exaggerations playbook.

Does anyone actually think a bicycle lane (one-way or two-way) can handle 117 bicycles going past a point within one minute (7,000/hr=116.67/minute)?

I don't have a say or interest in what should be done on Frazier Avenue, but the only thing I have heard from business owners in the paper and the couple I hear directly is that they want raised cross-walks. That seems to have been completely ignored.

Having travelled extensively for work before retirement, I have seen raised cross-walks work very well in other cities across the country in areas like Frazier, but all those bicyclists would not like them, and bicyclists are way more important than the businesses, I guess. Of course what nongovernment people want is of no concern to bureaucrats who decide.

Jim Hill

Cognitive test vital for Biden this year

So, we now know that President Biden has a root canal and uses a sleep apnea machine, the "results" of his annual physical examination.

Gaslighting the fact that a cognitive exam is not required by law, and no president has had one except [former] President Trump (because of the demand of the media, now amazingly silent) does not satisfy the American people.

No other president has been unaware of what state he is in, confused his wife for his sister, been unable to complete a sentence, stumbled repeatedly, appeared as a deer in the headlights when asked a simple question, confuses his vice president, referring to her as the president, etc.

This man, if he is to continue as the leader of the free world, must pass a cognitive test before the election.

Jeff Wilson


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