Letter: Elected leaders: More civility, please

A change for the worse in American politics thus far this century was on full display during the recent State of the Union address.

Before 2009, that annual gathering of Congress was characterized by respect for protocol. In the past, those attending conveyed objection to speech content by their evident lack of applause. They did not resort to jeering and catcalling. Conversely, approval of speech material was expressed by applause, with standing up, amplifying approval. It was not communicated by rally-like chanting of political slogans.

Americans undoubtedly differ in opinion about why congressional decorum has devolved over the past 15 years.

However, I believe the great majority of us wish our elected leaders would exhibit more civility and less juvenile behavior. Doing so would foster a more functional congressional environment conducive to now all-too-rare legislative accomplishment needed for the healthy functioning of our country.

Patrick Lavin

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