Pursuing happiness on Frazier Avenue and more letters to the editors

Pursuing happiness on Frazier Avenue

In Friday's edition of the TFP, it appears that Dan Reuter, executive director of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency, would prefer that the bike lanes proposed for Frazier Avenue be "multiuse" lanes. I encourage him to reconsider this position.

Dedicated bike lanes must be reserved for bicycles only. Allowing walkers, strollers, children eating ice cream, pets on leashes, etc., into these spaces creates chaos out of simplicity. There's already a place for these travelers, a place where they can lollygag, follow the various metal dance steps, gaze into shop windows, stare at the sky, study a menu: It's called the sidewalk.

Please, Mr. Reuter, as you work to create a safer Frazier Avenue where we all may pursue happiness, do not confuse these two byways and their attendant purposes.

Sean Caulfield

Stop targeting Police Chief Murphy

The repeated news reports scrutinizing Police Chief Celeste Murphy have raised growing concerns about these narratives' underlying motives. In an era where media plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion, the relentless focus on every aspect of Chief Murphy's actions and the timeliness of the reports have sparked skepticism.

These reports reflect a deeper issue with the history of Chattanooga, Tennessee — the level of disrespect and surreptitious undermining of the authority associated with leadership positions. Now, she is an incessantly targeted individual, and no one is concerned about dissecting reports about even the minute details of the furniture in her home, which should prompt questions about her safety and right to privacy. Who does that? Celeste Murphy, the chief of police, has the same constitutional right of privacy that is afforded to all citizens in America.

The reporter has a job to do, and I respect this. I want to be objective. As a citizen, it is essential to approach such news coverage with a discerning eye, recognizing the potential for bias and considering the broader context to maintain a fair, unbiased understanding of Murphy's role and contributions.

I applaud Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly for renewing Chief Murphy's contract.

Van Hinton

Biden deserves thanks for Chick Lock funds

I just saw a big thank-you advertisement in the Chattanooga Times Free Press on March 17, 2024, thanking Congressman Fleischmann for supporting the Chickamauga Lock.

However, the thank-you should have been for President Joe Biden, whose infrastructure bill made these funds available. Congressman Fleischmann voted against the infrastructure bill. Now he wants credit for it. We deserve a better representative.

Pat Hagan

Independent voter 'forced' to be Dem

I am more than 80 years old and have voted for 60 years.

I have always considered myself an independent voter. I would vote in either party's primary to find the best candidate.

Now the dictatorial Tennessee GOP wants to stop me from doing this. More and more, the GOP shows me it does not believe in the voters and the Constitution.

The GOP is forcing me to be a Democrat.

Not that I feel Democrats are much better — but at least they do not support a criminal who wants to be the absolute ruler of our country.

Roger Thompson

Coffee County

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