5-at-10: Friday mailbag on Calipari’s disastrous Thursday, ACC on the clock, diet discussion

Kentucky coach John Calipari stands in front of the bench late in the second half of Thursday night's first-round game of the men's NCAA Tournament against Oakland in Pittsburgh. (Associated Press)
Kentucky coach John Calipari stands in front of the bench late in the second half of Thursday night's first-round game of the men's NCAA Tournament against Oakland in Pittsburgh. (Associated Press)

Let's handle our business.

Rushmore of Ferris Bueller quotes and it's pretty amazing how many of these are in my regular rotation — "Nine times," "Bueller? Bueller?" "Makes you look like an ass is what he does Ed" and "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." There are really too many.

Rushmore uncles — Uncle Buck (and that is in the books, friends), Uncle Sam, Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Uncle Jessie.

Rushmore of Bruce. Springsteen, Lee, Wayne and Willis.

Rushmore of defensive linemen — Aaron Donald, Reggie White, Bruce Smith and Alan Page.

Rules being rules and all, here's Paschall with more on UT football and some of the new names turning heads at WR.

To the bag.

From JMac

Late game fouls helped the 1 For The Money lose by 2. That was a bad beat.

Is there a coach in the NCAA that does less with more than Calipari? I lived in Lexington for a couple of years, attended a few games while I was there and learned the fandom for Big Blue basketball was unreal. I know people in the Commonwealth are in shock and super disappointed. I don't know if he can last much longer. I realize Chas will chime in but what do you think?


As DD noted on social media, it was a terrible no-good day for the SEC, which had three losses before UT rolled St. Peter's on Thursday.

I picked two of those losses in my bracket, but there simply is no explanation for the UK collapse.

Oakland's win was paced by some dude who looks like my daughter's history teacher and had amazingly only attempted eight 2-point FGs all season. Seriously.

And for all that NBA-ready backcourt talent, the flame out that was Kentucky's lackluster showing in round one starts some very real questions.

As you mentioned, those queries start with John Calipari, who has recruited like Saban but has produced like Billy Gillespie.

Cal's buyout is $33 million, but there have to be more than a few BBN backers willing to write checks considering the last four seasons for Cal's Cats have ended with missing the tournament, first-round exit, second-round exit and Thursday's first-round dismissal.

It was flummoxing for sure, and I can't think of a coach who has recruited better and done less with that amount of talent across all college sports.

(Side note: Samford got hosed late last night, too.)

Anyone else got any tournament thoughts?

From LeRoy

1.) How many former concentration camps have you visited?

2.) How many years have you lived under authoritarian rule?

3.) How many countries have you actually experienced?

Then, perhaps one might refrain from advertising one's ignorance.

Go build sand castles with your family, but keep quiet about how Joe Biden has kept your kids from war.

Or else go to Haiti, Ukraine, etc.


Uh, none, none and several.

Thanks for playing and thanks for proving yet again that anyone who does not fall in line with the progressive mindset gets painted with an extremely broad brush that also normally includes insults.

Signed, a proud American, who believes in my soul that requiring and seeking better leadership that what Sleepy Joe or Trump have delivered over the last eight years should be high on all our agendas.

From Don

Thoughts on Clemson following FSU's lead in suing ACC over grant of rights?

Is this a death knell for the ACC? What happens to the Big 12 and ACC — and should they get together to form a super league of their own.


The ACC without Clemson or FSU would assuredly start to waver, because that would also push Notre Dame to seriously look around too. I could see all three being high on the Big Ten's wish list.

I also think the SEC would gladly sweep in for a couple of the North Carolina schools and potentially the Virginias, too, to expand into those states for SEC Network rights fees.

Georgia Tech — and the access to the ATL market — would have suitors, too, but then you look up and what becomes of a Wake Forest or even a Louisville when those dominoes start to tumble?

If the ACC is squabbling now about rights fees, imagine what happens when Clemson and FSU see the extra $10-20 million per school the SEC and the Big Ten get with the negotiated percentages for the expanded CFP payouts.

ACC, you are on the clock.

From Spy

So how is low carb, no gluten working out? Do you miss anything?

I do not have that kind of discipline. I also don't have kids I need to be around for, or at least none that I know of, so there's that.


I miss biscuits.

I miss a cold CoCola watching the tournament, and I will assuredly miss one during the Masters next month.

I miss grilled cheese sandwiches with the river of chili (beanless of course) that I now eat.

I miss fried catfish on Fridays and of course good pizza. (Side note: Mellow Mushroom makes crustless pizza — sauce, cheese and toppings in a container — that is better than you'd expect. And like almost all things at Mellow Mushroom, pricier than you'd expect, too.)

I miss cheese grits on the weekends. A lot in fact.

But I needed to make some changes, and while you may not (or maybe) have tots, the idea of being around as long as possible for my family makes the temporary missing an easy trade.

Have a great weekend, friends, and may your brackets be better today.

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