Fix Frazier problem the ‘red lights’ way and more letters to the editors

Fix Frazier problem the 'red lights' way

With all the money being spent on stadiums and farms, I propose a cost-free way to slow down traffic on Frazier Avenue. In the stretch between Market Street and Tremont Street, there are four traffic lights over less than a mile. This is probably the highest density of traffic lights anywhere in Chattanooga.

To slow down traffic, all that needs to be done is to make the lights unsynchronized, one turns green as the next turns red. The beauty of this plan is that you can modify the traffic flow depending on the day and time. For example, slow it down the most on weekends and speed it up during weekday rush hours. This plan requires absolutely no modification to the way Frazier is currently.

Bill Wiencke

How can Republicans be blind to Russia?

I can understand why younger people may not be excited about supporting Ukraine because we don't teach the history of the aftermath of World War II and the Russian atrocities of the Cold War and our fear of a Russian nuclear attack.

I can't understand older people who don't support Ukraine. Have they forgotten our air-raid drills of hiding under our desks at school while holding our largest book over our heads? Have they forgotten air-raid shelters stocked with buckets of water and crackers? Have they forgotten Khrushchev beating his shoe on the podium at the U.N. while saying that Russia would bury the U.S.?

It is time these tribal Republicans woke up (no pun intended) and remembered the danger Russia has always been to the U.S. Do they not care what the future may hold for their children and grandchildren? Does their tribalism blind them to the danger of Russian aggression to America's future?

Jim Garrett

Trion, Georgia

Do your homework before going to vote

I spent my entire career in human resources/personnel and was a recruiter for a good while. I trained recruiters. Why should you be interested? I think I have an important message. I would like to pass on some things you need to consider in determining for whom you will vote.

1. Character matters. If the person you are considering has demonstrated questionable qualities, you need to ask this: Explain how your past actions are an indicator of bringing ethical value to the country.

2. What in your background is evidence that you have been successful in running complex, wide-ranging businesses? Detail your verifiable contribution to those efforts.

3. Every business has proprietary information critical to their continued success. Describe your past approach to maintaining such information.

4. Supply a list of former subordinates, colleagues, customers and contractors who have been associated with you and your former positions.

You get the idea. We need to do our homework.

We all need to pay attention. Donald Trump is an utter mistake.

Irv Ginsburg

Voters must consider performance in office

This is my country, and I am proud to be an American.

Our country is in a great crisis for many reasons.

In my opinion, the president is mentally unstable. It is not his fault. It is the aging process.

Democrats cannot fix it. They can only lie about it. It is all about power and egos.

The V.P. is totally unqualified to run this country. Again, power and egos.

Both candidates have been president. Their abilities to run this country and take care of the people are up for review by the voters.

If you cannot see the difference between their performance, then you will be responsible for the continued demise of America.

Ruth Cote


Mr. Trump, we don't need your $$ whines

Trump, the supposed successful, rich man, is now whining to the courts that he cannot pay his fines and penalties. Apparently, he cannot use other people's money to do it. There isn't enough.

My heart bleeds for him.

He will have to do like every other person who is convicted of a crime, or lost a civil suit -- get loans (not likely for him) or sell off his assets, all of his assets, until he can pay the bill, or, like everyone else, sit in jail for nonpayment.

But I would thank the bloated behemoth to not whine to us about his money problems. He has been bragging of his wealth for years. Put up and shut up, or go to jail.

Katheryn A. Thompson

Harvest the vote by whatever means

Why the hidden usurpation of college loans -- with openly defiant, illegal loan forgiveness? Why reduction of the voting age to 18? Why the inclusion of noncitizens in the census? Why proposals to dissolve the Electoral College? Why a politically weaponized federal bureaucracy? Why tacit suppression of free speech and free press? Why economic suicidal "climate change/Green Wave/EV/war on fossil fuel" insanity? Why massive, amorphous omnibus spending bills versus distinctly delineated appropriations funding? Why -- critically -- the formulated, brewed state of lawless anarchy? Why the over-the top, vicious denouncements of anyone who questions the glaring corruption of the 2020 election?

Why, in an election year: unrestrained borders, billions in unaccountable spending, a proposed $5.5 trillion tax increase and unconscionable, totalitarian-like disregard for the welfare of U.S. citizens, the rule of law and the republic itself. Given such unprecedented aloof disregard, is the election already purchased?

Conservatives lose elections by focusing upon the issues. Socialists win elections by amassing votes, regardless of tactics or legitimacy or the damage inflicted.

R.G. Kirn


Elderly vote makes citizen proud

I worked at the poll for Catoosa County on March 12. I was touched by the number of elderly citizens who came out to vote. Many of these people were barely able to get around. They used walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and the arm of a friend or relative. Because of hearing or sight problems, some needed help completing the process, but they came anyway.

In an age when we hear about some Americans becoming disillusioned by our politics and refusing to participate, these proud Americans from Catoosa County showed up to do their civic duty. It made me proud. God bless America.

Rusty Lacy

Rossville, Georgia

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