Although there were no failings in the Chattanooga area for this week's restaurant report card, there were some alarming citations. 

At Hunan Wok on East 23rd Street, the restaurant scored a 76 after the health inspector found rodent droppings in dry storage areas, dirty non-food contact surfaces, a cardboard box re-used to store various ready-to-eat foods products and adequate demonstration of knowledge regarding food safety wasn't provided at the time of inspection. 

The Pizza Hut on Battlefield Parkway scored an 81 due to am employee handling money and going back to preparing food without washing their hands, having no paper towels at the hand sink, a food service employee not wearing hair restraints while preparing food and debris build up on the pizza oven.

El Monterrey Mexican on Signal Mountain Road also scored an 81, but for different reasons. At the Mexican restaurant raw eggs were stored improperly over tortillas, raw chicken was stored next to a cutting board being used for avocados, several cooked foods weren't dated and the inside edge of the ice machine was dirty.

Maple Street Biscuit on Broad Street and Taco Bell on Lee Highway both received a perfect score.

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action.

Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards. To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.

Restaurant Report Card March 13, 2019: 

76 Hunan Wok I, 2201 E. 23rd Street; reasons including adequate demonstration of knowledge
regarding food safety not provided at time of inspection, rodent droppings noted in dry storage
area, cardboard box re-used to store various RTE foods products, numerous non food contact
surfaces dirty in prep/storage areas.

81 Pizza Hut, 1919 Battlefield Pkwy (NGA); reasons including employee handling money and
then went back to preparing food without washing hands, no paper towels at hand sink, food
service employee not wearing hair restraints while preparing food, debris build up on pizza

81 El Monterrey Mexican, 531 Signal Mountain Road; reasons including raw eggs stored
improperly over tortilas. Raw chicken stored right next to cutting board being used for cutting
avocados. Several cooked foods (queso, flan, refried beans) were not dated. Inside edge of
ice machine dirty.

84 New China Restaurant, 1900 S. Broad Street; reasons including Tofu sitting out at room
temperature, Raw TCS foods thawing at room temperature, Food products not properly
covered/protected in freezer/cooler unit.

88 Plus Coffee
3800 St. Elmo Avenue

89 Famous Dave's Bbq
2122 Gunbarrel Road

91 Popeyes
5749 Brainerd Road

93 Rafael's
9607 Dayton Pike

94 Jenkins Buffet
4122 Ringgold Road

94 Forbidden City
2273 Gunbarrel Road

94 China Moon
5600 Brainerd Road

94 Armando's
7330 Hixson Pike

95 Drakes
7338 McCutcheon Road

9070 Highway 58

96 Kentucky Fried Chicken
2501 S. Broad Street

96 Hardee's
4007 McCahill Road

97 New York Pizza Dept
5731 Highway 153

97 Poblanos Mexican Cuisine
551 River Street

97 Krystal
124 Harrison Lane

97 American Wings II
2316 3rd Street

97 Glen Gene Deli
5748 Highway 153

98 Frothy Monkey
1400 Market Street

98 Choo Choo Bar B Que
3951 B Ringgold Road

99 Taco Bell #029034
5439 Highway 153

99 Virgola Oyster & Italian Wine Bar Kitchen
608 Georgia Avenue

99 Your Pie Chattanooga
1919 Gunbarrel Road

99 McAlister's Deli
541 Signal Mountain Road

100 Maple Street Biscuit
407 Broad Street

100 Taco Bell
6210 Lee Highway