Chattanooga Sings for Hope concert raises money for victims' families

The U.S. Fleet Forces Band performs during a memorial concert to pay tribute to the servicemen who lost their lives in the July, 16, shootings on Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015, at ICCM World Church in Chattanooga, Tenn. The concert also honored first responders, including injured Chattanooga police officer Dennis Pedigo, and included a motorcade from Finley Stadium to the church.

Nel Reid had a song already picked out. She had sent in the music the band was supposed to play.

"But on my way here, I just kept hearing 'Pray for Chattanooga,'" she told the audience, explaining why she changed her mind and there was no band behind her. "So this is just me and God."

Without backup singers, without the band and without any colorful light effects, she sang the Lord's Prayer. After she was done, much of the audience at the fundraising event gave her a standing ovation.

Concertgoer Jeannie McElveen said it was one of her favorite acts during the performance.