How much of a pay raise could Hamilton County teachers really see this year?

Catherine Casselman, a second-grade teacher at East Side Elementary School, listens to students as they talk about a book they're reading in their after school book club at East Side Elementary on April 18.

Hamilton County teachers likely won't see a 5% pay raise - and potentially no raise at all - if the county commission doesn't pass the current proposed budget.

District officials say the 5% pay bump isn't possible without the $34 million budget increase, and it's unclear if the 3% agreed on by the district and the local teachers' union through annual negotiations would be possible either.

The topic came up at Wednesday's commission meeting when District 3 Commissioner Greg Martin asked the schools' chief business officer, Brent Goldberg, to clarify information circulating about the pay raise.

Goldberg acknowledged he had spoken about a 3% pay raise at a community meeting hosted by Martin last week and said the district is "likely to pass it" even if its requested budget, which requires a 34-cent property tax rate increase to fund, is not passed.