5-at-10: Fab 4 picks (minus 3), SEC football honors, Manning brothers a smash hit

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, right, hands off to running back Rhamondre Stevenson during the second half of an NFL football game in Orchard Park, N.Y., Monday, Dec. 6, 2021. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)

Fab 4 picks

Sigh. Another year of picks. Another year spinning our wheels.

Yes, we got north of .500. (Thanks for the motivation, Matt.)

But our goals are loftier than that. There is pride in the finish, though. We could have packed the tent before championship Saturday and limped home a game over .500.

And while we certainly did not go OG Ted Williams on the final day of the season, we did enough. (Side note: Of all the many great Teddy Ballgame stories, the end of the 1941 season is up there. Dude was hitting .3996, which would have rounded up to allow him to hit an even .400 for the season. HIs manager gave him the chance to sit out the season-ending doubleheader and finish on that historic number - remember no one has done it since.