Barricades washed from Chattanooga's I-75/I-24 project in heavy rains to be reclaimed

Contributed photo / Chattanooga resident Jim Ledbetter photographed these pedestrian barricades that washed away from the Interstate 75/Interstate 24 construction project last week when heavy rains caused South Chickamauga Creek to flood a greenway area under a bridge. The barricades were intended to keep people from walking into the project site.

This months's heavy rains and flooding that pushed South Chickamauga Creek out of its banks also carried away more than two dozen large plastic construction barricades from the Interstate 75/Interstate 24 project downstream, where they were left in an unsightly tangle in trees along the creek bank.

Local paddler Jim Ledbetter, 72, was taking his canoe down South Chickamauga Creek following March 17's deluge when he spied the bright orange barriers on the bank and in the treeline between I-75 and Shallowford Road, he said.

According to National Weather Service records, 2.77 inches of rain fell March 17 in Chattanooga following 2.17 inches of rain the day before.

South Chickamauga Creek went from discharging about 4,500 cubic feet of water per second during March 17 to more than 13,000 cubic feet of water per second March 19, according to the U.S.