Clint Cooper (Reporter)

Phone: 423-757-6497
Clint Cooper is the Free Press editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, representing the conservative side of the newspaper's opinion section. Previously he worked as a lifestyles reporter, and has been an assistant sports editor and Metro staff writer for the newspaper. Prior to the merger between the Chattanooga Free Press and Chattanooga Times in 1999, he was sports news editor for the Chattanooga Free Press, where he was in charge of the day-to-day content of the section and the section's design. Before becoming sports news editor, he was a staff writer. In the Life section, he is responsible for the content of the weekly religion page but also contributes entertainment stories to the current section; health, home and profile stories for the daily Life pages; and general news articles to the news columns. In the past, he has written on technology and baby boomers for the section. Clint has received honors over the years for his writing and design in both individual work and work as part of a team or section. Among those are several best overall team coverage awards from the Southern League (when he was either lead writer or content/design editor), a best section award by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association (when he was content/design editor) and several first-place awards in the community lifestyles category of the Tennessee Press Association contest (as part of a staff). The Chattanooga native is a cum laude graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in mass communications and did postgraduate work there in secondary education. Clint and his wife of 21 years, Donna, have one son, Patrick, 18. He enjoys acting, reading and running. Contact Clint at 423-757-6497 or You may friend him on Facebook.

Cooper: Open enrollment is no magic pill

Published Dec. 15 2018

We'd like to think Thursday's vote by the Hamilton County Board of Education to allow open enrollment at seven of...

Cooper: TVA should go the extra mile

Published Dec. 14 2018

A battle with Tennessee Valley Authority is probably not one Chattanooga businessman Greg Vital is going to win, but it's...

Cooper: Police beating needs due process

Published Dec. 14 2018

We'll defend the general First Amendment rights of local groups to expose what they believe is police brutality in the...

Cooper: Berke has had heart for Tubman

Published Dec. 12 2018

It's been more than seven years since the Chattanooga Housing Authority (CHA) informed residents of the Harriet Tubman public housing...

Cooper: Neediest Cases fund needs you

Published Dec. 11 2018

Two weeks from today is Christmas Day. When we think of the generous spirits of people at Christmas, we think...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Who's the minority-est?

Published Dec. 10 2018

It may be a trend, good for some but not for others.

Cooper: Rethinking a plan for Chattanooga's homeless

Published Dec. 9 2018

What if everything a city was doing about homelessness was wrong and needed to be blown up?

Cooper: Trump, Democrats, the rich and taxes

Published Dec. 8 2018

The irony is so delicious.

Cooper: An economically advantaged advantage?

Published Dec. 7 2018

The Tennessee Department of Education's 2018 State Report Card is awash with information for administrators, teachers, parents and students to...

Cooper: No need to close Tennessee primaries

Published Dec. 5 2018

If the Tennessee Republican Party has its way, primary election voting in the state will be by party registration only.

Cooper: Bush the last of his kind

Published Dec. 4 2018

George H.W. Bush, who died at the age of 94 late Friday, may have been the last of his kind.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Clinton tickets tank in Toronto

Published Dec. 3 2018

We'll throw in a book!

Cooper: Supreme Court should fix redistricting process

Published Dec. 2 2018

Much rhetoric was spent during the 2018 election and in previous years of this decade decrying the gerrymandering states did...

Cooper: Obama reimagines his term

Published Nov. 30 2018

Well, he certainly has chutzpah.

Cooper: Myth-making and the caravan

Published Nov. 28 2018

If someone with the renown of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a serious misunderstanding of what a migrant is, is...

Cooper: Favorable abortion trend continues

Published Nov. 27 2018

Shh! The political left doesn't want you to know, but abortions fell another 2 percent in the latest available statistics...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: The Kaepernick chorus - again

Published Nov. 26 2018

When Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a season-ending injury on Nov. 18, one name formed on the lips of...

Cooper: Trump and the 'better angels'

Published Nov. 25 2018

Two years after Donald Trump was elected president, people are still trying to determine just who it is we have...

Cooper: Shelter concerns outweighed questions

Published Nov. 21 2018

With little more than two weeks between the first public mention and Wednesday's approval, the Humane Educational Society (HES) has...

Cooper: Left's election rhetoric never over

Published Nov. 20 2018

If you thought the semi-concessions by candidates for governor in Georgia and Florida and United States Senate in Florida were...