Sohn: Ooltewah's perverted culture of 'horseplay'

The exterior of Ooltewah High School photographed on Sunday, January 31, 2016. (Staff photo by Maura Friedman)

We have a few questions for every parent in Hamilton County - or anywhere, for that matter.

If someone shoves a pool cue into your private parts while two other people hold you down, is it horseplay or is it violent rape?

And if someone does this to your child - while two schoolmates hold him or her down - is it horseplay or is it violent rape?

If this happens on a school trip with coaches and chaperones in the same building, after your child already has asked one of those adults for help and protection, can you honestly ever have any interest in trusting this school or school system with any part of your child's life ever again?

The likely answers to these questions seem damning enough.