Greeson: Hamilton school board needs to rebuild trust after Ooltewah

Dr. Jonathan Welch, left, speaks to Superintendent Rick Smith during the Hamilton County School Board meeting in this file photo.
photo Jay Greeson

How to handle an incident as horrific as the Ooltewah nightmare is not in a rule book.

No, when teammates escalate hazing to hatred - and the thought of shoving a pool cue into a 15-year-old's rectum and rupturing organs is unimaginable for most of us - the fallout is uncharted waters.

How, after all, do you deal with inexplicable violence?

"There's not a playbook on how to deal with something like this," Hamilton County Board of Education Chairman Jonathan Welch said. "This is new to all of us."

Welch was part of the four-minute facade last Wednesday. He realized quickly that his abbreviated comments fell short; the loud and impassioned reaction confirmed it.